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Music, Bonfire, BBQ & S'mores

Wednesdays / 7-10pm / June, July & August / $10

Gather around the bonfire every Wednesday evening in June, July and August from 7-10pm to listen to music from fantastic local bands, make s’mores, eat BBQ, and introduce our Caravan guests from around the world to our creative and inspiring Portland community. Each week, we feature well-loved local bands from different genres of the vibrant Portland music scene.


We’ll provide a bonfire, fixins for s’mores (including Fair Trade chocolate and optional GF graham crackers!), and a performance by talented Portland musicians, all in the unique, funky courtyard of the first tiny house hotel in the world. Attendees can BYOB and this year, Radio Room will provide BBQ to purchase in the courtyard across the street. $10. Kids 10+ under FREE.

The 2016 Summer Line-up

*Full line up here. Scroll down for band bios, pix and links to buy tickets. All tickets are also available from this Eventbrite page.*





July 27th:   LOVE GIGANTIC




August 10th:  SWAN SOVEREIGN

August 17th:  ERIC BOHNE & FRIENDS

August 24th:  TONY FURTADO

August 31st:   THE UKELADIES



September 28th:  LESLIE HELPERT




*July 6th- Moody Little Sister*


Naomi Hooley and Rob Stroup form a Folk-Rock & Soul Duo out of Portland Oregon called “Moody Little Sister”. Four years ago after having to walk out on a violent crowd in a small town bar – the duo was forced to reconsider the path that most bands follow. This “Soul-Searching” led them to question who they were as people, what they wanted out of their life and music, and what they wanted their fans to experience at their shows.


Moody Little Sister redefined themselves and their approach while also crafting a fresh and non-traditional way of giving music to their fan base. For the past four years – they have been performing nearly 100 shows a year in back yards, living rooms, and on large pieces of property where they have created “Camping Concerts”. Folks bring their tents and families to hang out with the band, with each other, and with nature.


Community, nature, and the inward journey are the chorus line themes to most of the band's songs. As a result they have been regarded as "social change agents" and "community creators". Their debut record “Wild Places” is a soundtrack for anyone on a journey to be more authentically themselves. Their live shows have been described as “transcendent” - as people are given the opportunity to experience community, nature, music with purpose, and themselves. That same transcendence was captured on their new record that they will be touring in 2016.


*July 13th- The Jim Prescott Quintet*


Bassist Jim “Jimi Jazz” Prescott takes a break from tour with G. Love and Special Sauce to bring his jazz quintet to the Caravan.  The quintet will explore classic post bop and early fusion (i.e. Miles, Mingus, Shorter) as well as some original material from his recent trio record Dogs & Roses.  With a front line of some of the top young jazz players in Portland, and the unique drum stylings of percussionist James West, from Eugene this show promises a fresh take on the traditional, with a path to the completely new sounds of today’s Northwest Jazz explosion.



*July 20th- Asher Fulero & Nathan Day- Elliot Smith Tribute*


What started as two friends getting together to play through some of their favorite old Elliott Smith tunes ended up turning into a slight obsession. With a repertoire of nearly 40 of the gone-too-soon local-hero's songs, the PDX-native duo of Asher Fulero (Piano: Emancipator, Halo Refuser, Asher Fulero Band, Everyone Orchestra) and Nathan Day (Guitar - Big Island Shindig) are finally beginning to share their detailed arrangements of these amazingly beautiful and hauntingly revealing songs. Using only the sparse instrumentation of acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, and two voices, the duo strip the loud arrangements away from some of the later studio gems and add a bit of precision to the older catalog 4-track songs, breathing their own life into the music while capturing the brilliance and darkness of this complicated artist in a way that highlights his true talent: writing amazing songs. Also, the duo donate a portion of the proceeds from every show to the Elliott Smith Fund which itself contributes to several non-profits aimed at helping at-risk and homeless youth. 



*July 27th- Love Gigantic*


It is the late 1970's, summer in small-town Oregon.  Sarah King sits on the living room floor, wearing out her mama's rock & roll records - Led Zeppelin, Heart, Kris Kristofferson, Fleetwood Mac.  She sweats and sways and daydreams of standing on the stage in front of her own band, pouring her heart and soul into the microphone.   


Two decades later, after chasing the harmonies and heartbreaks of her musical heroes down many of the dustiest highways of these United States, Sarah stopped running and returned to Oregon.  Putting down roots in Portland, she focused her passion, and gradually pieced together the mighty sextet that is Love Gigantic.


And oh, what a band this is. The dream rhythm section of Arthur Parker and Joe Mengis on bass & drums, turning on a dime from unholy thunder to slinky groove.  The hypnotic keys and angelic harmony vocals of Lara Michell.  The electrifying double guitars of Chet Lyster and David Langenes weaving throughout in fearless harmony.  And then, atop this warm bed of instrumental euphoria, stalks the mighty silken roar of King's voice, flowing effortlessly from all-powerful to gossamer delicate. It's hard to imagine a more cohesive and skillful group to deliver the rock & roll goods.


There are undeniable echoes of the 60s, 70s, and 80s in the music on their debut album, "Love Gigantic", yet the band also manage to make it fresh, modern, and undeniably unique.   When you drop the needle on this bit of vinyl heaven, it all at once envelopes you like an old friend, and rocks you like a new lover.  


Do yourself a favor and see this band live.  Prepare to be embraced in rock & roll ecstacy; heart and soul and sweat.  And it all begins when Sarah steps up to the mic and says, "Hello, Lovers."  Right before she rips your heart out.

 *August 3rd- Maya Dorn, Libby Kirkpatrick & Jans Ingber*


Maya Dorn is a Bay Area based singer-songwriter and producer. She was a member of the 10 piece Afro-beat ensemble Aphrodesia as a singer, dancer, percussionist and lyricist and is MC Ladyfinger in the band, Sweet Snacks.  Her solo songs range from smart, funny pop tunes about sending her ex boyfriend to Mars, to melodic americana about bubblegum bullets in plastic guns.  http://mayadorn.com/


Libby’s music is a divine confluence of intimate storytelling, haunting poetry, her astonishing vocal range, and skilled and polished musicianship. To experience Libby live is to connect with your own soaring, traveling, and expansive heart.  Libby’s music is a divine confluence of intimate storytelling, haunting poetry, her astonishing vocal range, and skilled and polished musicianship. To experience Libby live is to connect with your own soaring, traveling, and expansive heart.


Fitting neatly between mentors a generation older like Ricki Lee Jones and Tom Waits, folk poet / avant garde force Libby Kirkpatrick emerged from her Philadelphia roots and classical training and bloomed in her 'minimalistic' overseas travel to India, Thailand, then Ireland where she began concentrating on singing original songs and playing acoustic guitar.  


*August 10th- Swan Sovereign*


Swan SovereignSwan Sovereign is a Portland, Oregon trio with punchy, deviant pop songs and harmonies so buttery that you’ll forget to be offended by the bossy lyrics. Stephanie Schneiderman (drums) Lara Michell (guitar) and Christine McKinley (bass) are a tight, spare unit with compact songs that burst from dead quiet into tantrums and back down.


Before taking over the rhythm section and forming the power trio that became Swan Sovereign, the three were in Dirty Martini. The music of Dirty Martini was gloomy, introspective and rain-soaked, like April in Portland. Swan Sovereign is more like a dance party on a sunny day in Antarctica – bright hand blinding, with snowballs flying and a bit of blood on the ice from playing too rough. Swan Sovereign’s songs about interrogation, family secrets, and organized rebellion cut clean and deep. Then they rub salt in with mean 60s girl group harmonies leaving listeners with a pretty pink scar.

*August 17th- Eric Bohne & Friends* 


Eric Bohne is an artist and designer who came to Portland 15 years ago to write and perform original music.  His band, Diggabone played extensively for ten years before Eric moved on from music to pursue design and building (he built the Skyline tiny house at Caravan- The Tiny House Hotel.).  While pursuing music Eric assembled a lot of great musicians, and he wrote and arranged a lot of great songs.  This night will feature former members of Diggabone as well the Pro Con Men, the post-Diggabone ensemble of original songwriters and arrangers.  The music is diverse, ranging from rock tunes with down home grit,  soulful ballads, and groove tunes that'll have you nodding your head sayin' "uh huh".  It's really good music...with a great vibe, you'll really enjoy it. 

*August 24th- Tony Furtado*


“Tony Furtado is a major musical force without a doubt. He has his black belt in voice and bottleneck guitar and his banjo playing scares the crap out of me.” David Lindley, musical adventurer


Very few musicians of any stripe so personify a musical genre as completely as Tony Furtado embodies Americana roots music. Tony is an evocative and soulful singer, a wide-ranging songwriter and a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist adept on banjo, cello-banjo, slide guitar and baritone ukulele who mixes and matches sounds and styles with the flair of a master chef (he’s also an accomplished sculptor, but that’s another story). All of the music of America is in Tony’s music. Relixhit the nail on the head when writing of Tony: “True talent doesn’t need categories.”


*August 31st- The Ukeladies*


We are a Portland based gaggle of gals who love to play, sing, and share music. We love exploring a wide range of genres so there's a little something for everyone! Mahalo!


*September 28th- Leslie Helpert*


Helpert entered the world singing, began on piano and found the guitar by age 11, on which she fixated.  She began performing and recording in her teens; studied Americana and Avant Garde Jazz at The Berklee College of Music in Boston as a guitar principal and later Indigenous Music at The Naropa University in Colorado.  Helpert has performed in over 300 Venues  (for example-Theater Lino Ventura in Nice, France, Palau De La Musica in Barcelona, Spain, The Keshmara in Marakesh, Morocco, Yoshis Jazz Club in San Francisco, CA, Knitting Factory in NYC and L.A, The Boulder Theater in Colorado, and for GreenRock, Bermuda) and written hundreds of compositions.  In 2008 she was elected the country of Bermuda's Musician-in-Residence.  In 2013 she was recipient of Denmark's Art Council's resident grant for an audio-visual performance.  She's recorded over 6 records, the last two released on the Whatabout Music label in Barcelona, Spain.  Helpert performs the work of Billie Holiday and other heirloom Americana Jazz worldwide.  She teaches a progressive and technical modality of voice/composition at conservatories and independently from her home studio and on Skype worldwide.  She lives between Europe and the U.S.A.  Helpert is an avid "Inkest" and sells her artwork through select galleries and by individual commissions. 







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