**Tiny houses are currently available**



If you are interested in starting a tiny house hotel in your community, the biggest hurdle will be figuring out the city zoning codes. Your first step is to contact your local city government to ask about zoning and other land use ordinances and permitting issues. This the most important step, and your specific geographic information will determine whether you can consider building a tiny house hotel.


If you have already done some background research about the particular zoning and permitting allowances in your location, and are still interested in meeting, we can offer you a one-hour consultation by phone, Skype or in person for $100. This includes an overview of the process and some of the items you will need to consider when initially planning a tiny house hotel. Additional consulting can be discussed and arranged after your initial consultation for $100 for each additional hour. To sign up for consulting, please email us at info@tinyhousehotel.com to get started.


Our friends at PAD, (Portland Alternative Dwellings) and Niche Design Build in Portland are great resources for all things tiny! You can contact them directly to set up a consultation, take a workshop and learn about events they host.

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