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“This place is special & adventurous. Way better than some pricey hotel. We loved the vibe of the area, a must stay!”


"I have to say this place is the most unique and fun hotel ever!! This hotel was super cute, quaint, unique, and an overall fabulous experience. I will definitely go back and send all my friends! I cant say enough about this place. If you like the luxury of a 5 star hotel with a pool then this isnt it. If you love culture, adventure, and unique venues then you will love this! Experience the unique air of Portland! In the summer they have live music in the courtyard. GOOD local music that is FABULOUS!!! I will be going back in the summer for sure! I'M IN LOVE WITH THE TINY HOUSE HOTEL!!

--Corvallis, OR


"Hands down, this is our new home away from home whenever we visit Portland!"

 --Dexter D., San Leandro, CA


"Fire pit, s'mores, adorable tiny houses. I want every hotel I ever stay in to be like this."

 -- Nick S.,  San Francisco, CA


"We came here as an experiment, to see if living in a tiny home was really feasible. And we couldn’t love this place more! We are definitely building our tiny house. We appreciate the books available within each home as well as the other amenities (S’MORES!) This was just a great place to stay. The neighborhood is fun; the other guests who stay here are lovely to chat with. It’s all so open and friendly! If we ever stay again in Portland we will always stay in one of the tiny homes!"

-- Megan & Ian Barnet, Port Townsend, WA


"Warm, welcoming and comfortable. A haven in the city!"

--Paddy & Lucy


"This chance to experience the micro-movement has been macro-amazing. Thank you for creating this little slice of wonderland. Only in Portland!"

-- Kelsi & Lauren


"This is a warm and welcoming place that stocks real coffee and honey and fancy teas, and makes it easy to meet your neighbors. And it’s just off Alberta Street, which has all the essentials. This is a lovely place and a labor of love."

-- Michael & Young, Cornwall, NY


"We come to P-town from Ashland, OR often for my husband’s cancer treatment. I have stayed in various hotels. Saw something on Facebook about Caravan and have tried to stay here but it was often booked. Finally got to be here tonight-- what an absolute pleasure. This is my kind of living. This is so much better than a hotel. The price is great, easy parking and great food and beer close by. Thank you so much! Makes dealing with cancer easier."

-- Alicia & Dean


"Deb and Kol have thought of so many ways to make the experience great- from the fire pit complete with s’mores supplies to the BBQ cooktop and the rental bikes we used for the Portland Sunday bike event. We have thoroughly enjoyed sitting out in the Adirondack chairs meeting the other renters. I loved reading The Big Tiny book signed by author Dee Williams. It is a very interesting insight from someone creating and living in an early tiny house. The maps and local guidebooks were very helpful. Thanks for a memorable vacation stay!"

-- Mary Ellen, Ft. Wayne, IN


"This was such an amazing experience! Now I definitely could imagine myself living in a tiny house! Very welcoming hosts and generous guests who allowed us to see the inside of their tiny houses! Awesome stay! Thank you!"

-- Urszula, Vancouver, BC


"Your community of tiny homes was an enjoyable experience. I truly hope this is the way of our future. We can try to do more with less and re-purpose what has been used. Thank you for doing this and we wish you well in this endeavor. We will also return!"

-- Paula, D and Karan


"Amazing, sweet little retreat. A great getaway in our very own city. Of course, PDX is on the cutting edge of this amazing earth-friendly idea-- Tiny Houses! Bravo to the builders and to The Tiny House Hotel for getting this noticed. Thanks so much!"


"What an amazing find in such a great location! Thank you so much for making our stay here in PDX an amazing one! We wanted to spend as much time at Caravan as out exploring the city!"



"This is a great way to see how you might like living in a tiny house.  I think it gives you a good idea of how cozy and comfortable these tiny houses can be.  We were sad to leave!!"

-- CP    Washington, D.C.


"Tiny, you rock down to every last detail. Thank you for a truly unforgettable experience in a lovely little neighborhood!"

-- Shelby


"We are writing in GREEN with envy for those of you who get to stay here longer… If you think a one-night stay is just good enough, then how naive and foolish. Now if only we knew better!"

-- The Curry Clan, Vancouver BC


"We came to celebrate my birthday and to see if living in a tiny house was something we’d enjoy. We loved it. Thank you for an enjoyable stay. We love what you’ve done here."

-- Charly & Colin


"Thanks for a great tour and stay in the Tiny Houses! Was great to see the diversity and what’s possible with smaller living spaces. Great location, great staff- would definitely return. Just have to bring the whole family next time!"

--Paul, Dorset UK


"Last minute booking was a piece of cake regarding arrangements and check in. Very private despite busy location. Loved every minute! Thank you for sharing with the rest of the world!"

-- Troy & Leslie-Anne Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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