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Caravan has garnered a lot of attention locally, nationally and internationally. Since Caravan opened, it’s been featured on CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, Yahoo!, NPR, Portland Monthly, the Huffington Post and our favorite- Portlandia! 


Portlandia! Portlandia | Microhouse | IFC 


Washington Post- Try a 120-square-foot home on for size at the tiny-house hotel in Portland, Ore.

NY Times- 36 Hours in Portland, Ore.

Portland Monthly - New "Tiny House" Hotel in Northeast Portland Portland Monthly - Northwest Rolling Retreats

Portland Monthly- Checking in with Portland's Tiny House Hotel

Yahoo! - World's First 'Tiny House' Hotel Opens in Portland

Yahoo! Travel - You Need to See Inside This Teeny-Tiny Hotel to Believe It

Yahoo! Travel- A Vacation That Lets You Test Tiny House Living

NBC- The Today Show- Is bigger better? Meet the ‘Tiny House Movement’

Telegraph review of Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel

Oregon Public Broadcasting- Country's First Tiny House Hotel Opens In Portland

Oregonian- Do you want a tiny house? Build Small, Live Large tour, classes

Oregonian- Caravan, a tiny house hotel in Portland: Accessory dwelling unit tour

Oregonian -'Tiny House Hotel' opens in Alberta Arts District and separate link to photo essay Oregonian- Caravan - The Tiny House Hotel open house Sunday: See inside four uber efficient dwellings

Oregonian- Portland tiny house hotel: Jump onboard the teeny red Caboose (photos)

Oregonian- Portlandia' tiny house: Fred and Carrie have never been so close

Oregonian- S'more tiny houses: Squeezing around Caravan's campfire

Oregonian-Tiny house names are as cute as the dwellings: Guess what 'Roly Poly' looks like (photos)

Oregonian- A second, small home on a city lot: Conference examines Portland's position on tiny houses

Oregonian- Tiny trailer, luxury camping

Huffington Post- Caravan Tiny House Hotel Is The Country's First Of Its Kind

Vanity Fair- Portlandia Completely Changed Its Format for Season 5; Here’s How They Did It

faircompanies- America’s 1st tiny house hotel had to be in dense Portland

Travel Portland- Alternative lodging in Portland

Zillow.com- 20-Somethings, Living Tiny Portland Alternative Dwelling

Part I - PAD's Interview with the Founder of America's First Tiny House Hotel

Part II- PAD's Interview with the Founder of America's First Tiny House Hotel

Daily Mail Online- Inside America's first 'tiny house hotel': Spend a weekend relaxing in a trio of custom trailers compete with fire pit, chairs, and a hammock for the authentic hipster getaway  

Sunset Magazine- World’s First Tiny House Hotel Thrives in Portland

USA Today Best road trip stops between Seattle and L.A.

Tiny House Blog - Tiny House Hotel in Portland

Tiny House Blog -Inaugural ADU Tour in Portland

Tiny House Blog- Build Small, Live Large Spring ADU Tour with Caravan – Tiny House Hotel

TreeHugger- Remember trailer parks? Now they're called 'tiny house hotels'

Grist - Test out micro-living in the first tiny house hotel

Inhabit - Caravan Hotel: First Tiny House Hotel in the US Opens in Portland Jetson Green- Portland’s Caravan is First Tiny House Hotel in USA Mother Nature Network - Try tiny house living on for size at Portland's newest hotel

Tech Insider- This tiny house hotel is the future of affordable vacations

Mother Nature Network- Portland's tiny house hotel gets hot new addition

Mother Nature Network- Portlandia' squeezes into a micro-home, tongue firmly planted in cheek 

Chicago Tribune - Quirky places to stay, from treehouses to caves

Portland Business Journal- Caravan: A look inside the 4 rooms at Portland's 'tiny house hotel'

Portland Business Journal - Cover Story: The big problem with tiny houses

Next World TV: America's First Tiny House Hotel  Caravan Provides Visitors Unique Accomodations

CaravanTimes UK- Caravan - The Tiny House Hotel

¡Vamos!- Este es el primer hotel caravana en Estados Unidos

Country Living- Peek Inside America's First Tiny House Hotel

Networx: Stay at the Tiny House Hotel!

Tiny House Design - Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel

Life Edited- Take a Tiny House Vacation

Tiny House Talk - Video Tour of America’s 1st Tiny House Hotel & Interview w/ Owners

Tiny House Talk - Tiny House Vacation in Portland, Oregon

Tiny House Talk - Did you know there’s a Tiny House Hotel in Portland?

Tiny House Talk- The Tiny House Hotel in Portland: Which Would you Stay in First?

Tiny House Talk- Skyline Tiny Home In Portland’s Tiny House Hotel

This Is The Little Life - Big Birthday Bash at The Tiny House Hotel

This Is The Little Life- Pedalpalooza ADU & Tiny House Tour Recap

This Is The Little Life- Caravan’s Tiny Houses

Boneyard Studios - West Coast versus East Coast: Tiny Houses

Daily Journal of Construction Oregon - New Northeast Portland hotel’s accommodations: tiny houses (story is behind a paywall)

Thrillist.com- These Tiny RV Hotel Rooms are a Traveling Hipster's Dream

Shareable.net - 11 Tiny House Villages Redefining Home

Shareable.net- Interviewed: The World's First Tiny House Hoteliers

Tiny House Living - Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel

Tiny Living - Tiny House Hotel debuts in Portland The Tiny Life - Favorite News of the Week

KXDD- Would You Stay Here FOX28- 'Tiny House' Hotel Draws Big Craze

Lloyd’s Kahn's Blog Frock Files- A Tiny House Hotel Wand'rly: Unusual Places to Stay: Tiny Houses to Tent Hostels

D&D (Croation publication) - Do You Know What Is Hidden In This House Size Of 15 Square Meters?

MeltyDiscovery (French publication) - Caravan Tiny House, the smallest hotel in the world

The Street- Are You Truly Ready to Live in Less than 200 Square Feet?

Multimedia Coverage

The Building Performance Podcast-  #65 TINY HOUSE HOTEL: Yes, This Is a Real Thing. Yes, It's Awesome.

Travel Guys Radio segment- Minute 8

Tiny House Podcast

faircompanies- America’s 1st tiny house hotel had to be in dense Portland

ABC News- NIGHTLINE- Tiny Houses: Making the Most of Pint-Sized Spaces

Tiny House Shows: Shook Twins (Live at Caravan)

German program- WDR Weltweit ARD Mediathek- Nackt und nachhaltig Portland ist anders 

KATU- Portland's new Tiny House Hotel: 'I think it's a clever idea'

CNN- Tiny hotels creating huge buzz

KOIN 6 News- Kyle Maki tours the Tiny Houses

KGW- Tiny house hotel in Portland creates big hype

Fox 12 Oregon- Tiny House Hotel opens in northeast Portland

Oregon Public Broadcasting one minute audio piece

And our favorite....a Phillipino news clip (somebody---tell us what they're saying!)



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