The Tiny Houses

The Caboose has a completely unique design, inside and out.  As the name implies, the red exterior looks like a train caboose.  The middle section of the caboose has a “cupola,” a second story, bright and roomy sleeping loft with big windows.  Beneath the sleeping loft are two twin sized, cozy bunk beds.  The custom built benches, cabinets, ladder, fold out dining table, cobbled wood floor, curved roof elements, and copper shelving, make the interior of the Caboose pop with detail.  At 140 sq ft, The Caboose can sleep 1-4 people, and is a particularly great option for families.

Skyline is funky–made of metal and wood, it’s composed of a mix building materials, many of which were re-purposed. One distinguishing feature of Skyline is its shed roof, making the volume of the tiny house larger than most tiny houses. It is 160 sq ft. The flooring is salvaged decking, the roof is re-purposed refrigerator panels, and the stairs to the sleeping loft are re-purposed industrial stairs. Skyline feels particularly voluminous; the stools and upstairs couch provide a great hangout zone. Skyline has two queen beds, and can sleep 1-4 people, making it a great option for families or two couples.

At 160 sq ft, it is an average-to-large sized tiny house. It feels comfortable and relatively spacious for two people and can sleep up to four people. There are two queen beds. One bed is a day bed with a trundle on the first floor. The 2nd bed is in the lofted sleeping space, accessible by a secured ladder. The two sleeping spaces are not separated by walls, so this unit works best for close friends or family if there’s more than one couple staying there.
The Rosebud is a traditionally designed, 120 sq ft tiny house. This tiny house has a lovely wood interior and exterior, making it feel like a charming and cozy cabin. It has a lofted sleeping space accessible by ladder and has a kitchen, bathroom, living room space, and sleeping area. It feels cozy and intimate and is best suited for a maximum of 1-2 people two people.