Salsa Box


Salsa Box arrived to Caravan in May, 2014. The Salsa Box is a 96 sq. ft. instant cabin designed to be an efficient, durable and budget-friendly Tiny Home. It is a cozy, compact cabin with a queen sized bed and lots of creative nooks and crannies for storage. It was designed to provide simple living in a natural setting.  It is complete with a mini tub/shower combo (8 cubic feet). It incorporates a simplified construction process using weight-saving, energy-saving and space-saving measures.  More information about the history of Salsabox is available here.

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The tiny house is fully stocked with all basic housing amenities including bedding and linens, kitchen supplies, and maps, books, art and games about Portland. In the living area, there is an eating table, a sitting area, bookshelves, and clothing storage. Each tiny house comes equipped with an alarm clock that has a built in white noise machine in case you like to listen to relaxing sounds when you go to sleep. It also has an auxiliary jack to plug in any smart phone to play music. Full list of amenities in each tiny house

History of Salsa Box

It was completed in April 2014. Originally, it was built as an instructional model to give workshop students a clear look at each of the steps involved in building a Tiny Home.  It also includes a cute little Living Roof over the porch.  Built by Shelter Wise, a small Portland based Dwelling Services company that specializes in Tiny Homes, ADU’s and energy efficient structures.​

List of supplies in each tiny house

• Dishes, glasses, mugs, wine glasses
• Cookware
• Microwave
• Refrigerator
• Coffee maker
• Silverware
• Hot plate
• Can and bottle opener
• Cutting board
• Tea pot
• Dish rack
• Tea assortment
• Coffee
• Spices
• Oil.

Bedding and Linens
• Memory foam mattresses
• Bedding- quilts, extra blankets
• Pillows
• Sheets and pillowcases
• Shower towels
• Bathrobes
• Hand towels
• Napkins
• * Iron and ironing board available upon request

• Hand soap
• Shower soap
• Shampoo
• Toilet paper
• Blow dryer